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Enjoy live theatre without communication barriers.


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How to enjoy silmultanous translation:

1. Donwload the app GoAll to read subtitles and/or to listen to the audio.

2. Please give it all permissions.

3. Once at auditorium you will have to turn on flight mode.

4. Connect to ANY of Applaudi´s closed WiFi networks (no connection to Internet). Make sure you are connected to Applaudi WiFi at all times.

5. Open the app. You should see an opening page in the app with the "Enter" button. If you don't see this page you have to close the app and open it again.

6. Click on the "Enter" button. Then, to read subtitles use the support to place your phone at a comfortable angle.

7. To listen to the audio, use your headphones and enjoy!

Please note, to listen to the audio you will have to disable battery save mode. If you have iPhone and you need headphones, we have an additional adapter for you. Connect iPhone headphones ("Lightning") adapter via bluetooth.
If you loose signal at any time, please just connect back again.

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