How to use it

Simply simple

Using Applaudi is simple! You only need to download the app on your Smartphone and follow a few simple steps to enjoy the event in your own language, using subtitles or Audio Description. It’s as easy as that!

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  1. Download the appDownload the app

    Download the app to read subtitles and/or to listen to the audio. Please give it all requested permissions.

  2. Choose an optionChoose an option

    Choose the Event you are attending and the type of service preferred (Translation, Closed Captions or Audio Description).

  3. Use the flight modeUse the flight mode

    Once at the Event, you will have to turn on Flight Mode on your Smartphone, so as not to disturb to other attendees.

  4. Connect your mobileConnect your mobile

    Connect to ANY of Applaudi’s closed WiFi networks. Please note that once connected to Applaudi’s WiFi, you are not connected to the Internet; you are only connected to Applaudi’s local network.

  5. Enjoy the showEnjoy the show

    To read subtitles, use the Smartphone hands-free mount provided to place your phone at a comfortable angle. To listen to the audio, use your headphones and enjoy!

In an improbable event of losing your WiFi signal, please just re-connect to Applaudi.
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