What we do

Applaudi enhaces your event

Applaudi is a must-have at live events! It provides real-time subtitles on the guests’ Smartphones. It also transmits live audio. It is a solution for providing translation and accessibility for theatre, art festivals and conferences, in fact, any live event.

Phone illustration running Applaudi App
Phone illustration running Applaudi App

This is how it Works

  • Subtitles are available as text or 3D audio, programmed in advance and sent live via local WiFi, already set up at the venue to transmit text, audio or media for sign language.

  • Mobile phones are connected to Applaudi WiFi.

  • Audio channel is included to provide simultaneous interpretation or audios description that guests receive through headphones plugged into their smartphones. The professionals can be providing, in real-time, interpretation from a remote location or from on-site at the event.

  • For musicals, voice recognition and Machine Learning technologies allow for automatic synchronization of subtitles and audio description.

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